Individual treatments not covered by German health insurance (IGEL)

These treatments represent a group of therapeutic measures and/or treatments which are not normally included in basic German health insurance coverage.

  • Cartilage protection therapy in cases of existing damage to cartilage (i.e. arthrosis)
  • Bone density scan ( DEXA ) on suspicion of osteoporosis (costs are only covered by the normal German health insurance only in cases of unexpected/abnormal bone fractures)
  • Cupping and TCM treatments ( = traditional Chinese medicine)
  • Magnetic field therapy
  • Neuralgic therapy


Please note:
in this connection that such individual treatments, measures, etc. are not covered by the usual German health insurance.
Costs have been covered by private health insurance and the German pension authorities (for government employees and on application) up to now, however.
We recommend to our patients that they clarify their coverage and how payment is to be made before beginning treatment.