Thomas Finkbeiner, M.D.
Medical studies, professional career and background to date

FinkebeinerFollowing the completion of medical studies in 1988, he then began further studies in specialization in general as well as emergency surgery first at the hospital Krankenhaus St. Adolf Stift, located in Reinbek by Hamburg under Professor Eggert until the mid-90’s

He then continued under Professor Wolter at the hospital Unfallkrankenhaus Hamburg in the city of Hamburg until the middle of 1992, when he began in orthopedic surgery under Dr. med. Jungmichel at the hospital Fachkrankenhaus für Orthopädie (Waldkrankenhaus) located in Bad Düben, Germany, where he continued to work until 1998.

In 1996, he was granted the title of orthopedist. In 1998, he was also recognized as a specialist for rheumatology.

Since 1998, he has been a registered doctor with his own practice in Berlin, recognized as an orthopedist by the German National Health Insurance system and thus allowed to treat patients insured under this system as well as privately insured patients. He will complete his doctorate in medicine at the end of this year (2007).


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