Operative orthopedics

About our principles and how we manage our practice

We the physicians give you our personal and individual support every step of the way – from the first day on through the entire phase of operation and rehabilitation and well beyond. Your doctor will explain to you the indications and the planned operation in detail. He will perform the operation personally and be responsible for your post-operative care for as long as necessary and desirable. This will include:


The locations at which we operate

One focus of our work as orthopedic physicians lies in the field of inpatient and outpatient operations. The decision on which type of operation it should be is always made in cooperation with the patient and after taking into consideration the individual situation and wishes of the patient.

Prior to all operations, you will receive an information sheet which explains everything that you need and want to know – it covers all the important steps and facts pertaining to your operation. All the necessary examinations to be done before the operation as well as the contact to the hospital/clinic and the anaesthesist will be arranged by us.



The operations that we perform